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Conifer Garden at the Oregon, Silverton, OR

  Quatrefoil, Inc.
Quatrefoil was involved in the planning, design and construction implementation for the Conifer Garden at the Oregon Garden. The Conifer Garden is a two-acre garden that showcases the breadth and depth of ornamental conifers in a garden setting. The site of the garden is a gently sloping plane, positioned between the main axis of the entire garden and the garden wetlands. The design of the Conifer Garden creates a strong structure of paths, earth berms and garden rooms that provide ever-changing views of the plant collection. The most dramatic space of the garden is a circular room dominated by vertical basalt columns and columnar evergreens that provide an informal maze for viewers to wander through. Quatrefoil worked closely with the garden design committee made up of some of Oregon’s most well known growers of ornamental conifers. Quatrefoil’s role was to provide direction for the committee and create a design that could showcase the exceptional quality and variety of conifers grown and developed in Oregon. Many of the garden’s plants were donated from the personal collection of conifer growers around the state, including those on the design committee. The Conifer Garden has since become one of the best liked and highly praised gardens at the Oregon Garden.

Client : Oregon Garden Foundation. Contact Rick Gustfson Executive Director of the Oregon Garden, Budget $250,000. (2000-2001)

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