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Portland Memory Garden, Portland, OR

  Brian E. Bainnson with the American Society of Landscape Architects
Brian Bainnson coordinated the design and construction of the Portland Memory Garden for the American Society of Landscape Architects as part of a project to create 100 parks around the country in celebration of ASLA’s 100th anniversary. Brian Bainnson provided leadership of the project from the site selection stage through the design of the garden. He helped coordinate the efforts of over twenty Landscape Architects on the design of the garden.

The garden has been planned and designed to serve Alzheimer’s patients, their families and caregivers. The design of the garden creates an environment that will be easily understandable to someone with early stage dementia and creates a safe, welcoming and restorative environment for persons with early and late stage dementia. The garden is also intended to provide a restorative environment for the caregivers and families of Alzheimer’s patients to allow them the opportunity to recharge their energies. The garden features raised bed planters, walking rails and other ways for patients with limited mobility to get close to the garden. Most people with Alzheimer’s live and are cared for in the home and the opportunity for many of them to have an outdoor experience that is safe and accessible is often non-existent. This garden will provide such an opportunity in a public setting away from the reminders of the disease. The garden provides the general public with a beautiful garden and a first class horticultural richness that is missing from most of today’s typical parks experiences.

Client : Center of Design for an Aging Society and Portland Parks and Recreation. Contact Eunice Noell-Waggoner, Project Coordinator, 503-292-2912. Budget $250,000. (2000-2001)

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